A less worst VPN

Monday, 20 March 2023

Making the worst VPN a bit less worse

The worst VPN

Saturday, 4 March 2023

What is the worst way to make a VPN?

New phone rant

Friday, 27 January 2023

I got a new phone and I think its worse than my old phone

2022 in review

Sunday, 1 January 2023

Looking back on what I did in 2022

Communicating Between Distributed Services

Monday, 31 October 2022

Reflecting on some various ways I have communicated between services of various sizes

2021 in review

Friday, 7 January 2022

Looking back on what I did in 2021

Proxying Docker containers through Traefik, using systemd

Wednesday, 3 November 2021

I have no idea if this is a good idea, I don’t even know if I like it yet but I did get it working and it seems sort of OK.

Replacing Nvidia Shield launcher

Monday, 1 November 2021

Android TV recently added ads to their home screen and I finally cared enough to do something about it.

Trying to troll website crawlers

Thursday, 28 October 2021

I responded to every HTTP request with a never-ending stream of data to see how long the bots would stick around for.

I built a NAS for my home and ran into many issues

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

I wanted to reuse some old parts I had from when I last upgraded my computer to put together a NAS, but ended up replacing everything anyway.