Borderlands 3

Sunday, 31 October 2021

Borderlands 3 is pretty fun when it comes to shooting chaotic effects everywhere at everything. The general gun-play seems a bit more fun than previous iterations in the series although the character selection doesn’t seem as inspired.

The main antagonists are just annoying, trying to resemble a hollow form of Handsome Jack’s constant communication with you from Borderlands 2. The story isn’t interesting and after each obvious “revelation” I only came to realize how dumb everything you are working with in this universe truly is.

The quests in the game are unmemorable, and require you to sit around listening to dialogue for several minutes before the quest givers offer you an item you need to proceed with the quest. This is maybe fine for an initial playthrough but really slows the game down on a 2nd playthrough either on the “True Vault Hunter Mode” or with another one of the classes. The comedy in the game has devolved into “ITS FUNNY BECAUSE WE ARE YELLING”, and relies too much on callbacks to characters from previous games in the series.

Items unlock quite slowly as you progress, I was finding “artifact” items for quite a while before the artifact slot unlocked for me to equip them.

The legendary classification of items seem to be thrown around a lot more commonly than in previous games, so much so that I rarely used a gun that was not legendary.

The menus in the game make little sense, at least when trying to play with a keyboard and mouse. I had to lookup how I was meant to apply a skin to a weapon, which involved pressing “F” and then “X” or something. Trying to keep track of more than 1 quest is difficult, to find a quest in your current area you may need to cycle through all of your active quests until you find one that doesn’t have the waypoint looking at an area transition.

The pricing for this game is very unreasonable, the base game is fine buy the DLC packs can end up costing more than the base game and based on reviews only add a few hours of gameplay each. Maybe if they get priced under $10 for the season pass 1 & 2 I’ll pick them up but there is no way I’m touching them at their current price point.


6/10 - Its pretty fun if you can find a friend or 3 to play with but don’t expect anything deep or memorable.

Written Sunday, 31 October 2021

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