Neon Abyss

Sunday, 31 October 2021

Neon Abyss is yet another Roguelike platformer game.

I first played with a gamepad and was having some issues with the jump and aiming controls but after switching to keyboard and mouse the game plays a lot more smooth.

The game does suffer from the same thing that most games in the genre does, RNG can really hamper you as you want to progress. I’ve had a few games where I just never found any upgrades to my damage so boss fights started to take forever.

There are many unlockables to add more variety to the game as you play it, which helps keep it feeling fresh even as you start to figure out everything about the game when playing it.

It is really easy to power up your gun enough that most of the screen is made up of your own projectiles and/or explosions. This can make it very difficult to try and avoid enemies and their projectiles. This is sort of a self-inflicted problem since you could just not shoot as much but I do find myself lost in the visual noise in the mid to late game in many runs.

I wish you could save and quit mid level, but the levels are short enough that it isn’t a big deal.

Hopefully not related to the game, but for some reason my computer will hard lock or BSOD while playing this game but not while doing anything else. I didn’t see any other reports like this so I assume it is something wrong with my computer and not the game but I figured I would mention it regardless.


8/10 - Fun in short bursts

Written Sunday, 31 October 2021

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