Rage 2

Monday, 25 November 2019


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5/10 - Uninspired and repetitive

I didn’t remember much of the first Rage game other than that I had played it, and maybe the same could be said of Rage 2.

The game opens up with some over-the-top action scenes introducing and killing characters you couldn’t hope to care about. You then travel around the world killing easy enemies and doing seemingly random quests in hopes of achieving something.

Despite how easy the gun fights are, the weapons and powers you acquire keep things interesting.

I thought I would see the game through to its end at least, since it seemed short enough, but I had to stop playing when the game wanted me to compete in some races to progress, with its driving mechanics not being something I wanted to interact with for any long period of time.


5/10 - Nothing stands out about this game, and it was impossible to keep my interest in it.

Written Monday, 25 November 2019

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