These are some projects of my own I have worked on.


It stands for Platform Agnostic Combat Tracker, although I’ve only ever used it with Pathfinder and D&D 5th edition. It should work fine for any tabletop gaming system that has the concept of initiative, and hit points.

It’s goal is to give something simple to help a DM manage encounters while still being out of the way enough to not bring too much technology to the table during game nights.

I use Django for the database management and serving an API powered by Django REST Framework. The frontend is a pretty simple Vuejs with Axios to handle the requests.

I am very happy with how it works right now, and am looking forward to adding more features to it. It is my first project that I have actually managed to get users for, even if it is just my friends.

It is somewhat reliably online at

Youtube stats is a site I made to track some of the trends between my own and some of my friends Youtube channels. Its a very simple Django application that pulls data from the Youtube API on a timer, and draws charts server-side using Pygal.

btrfs RAID explainer is a simple VueJS application to show how much usable space you would get with various disk configurations when running RAID profiles on a btrfs filesystem. It was both an excuse to look at VueJS some more and a way to figure out how RAID actually worked with btrfs.

Hitomezashi patterns

After watching A Numberphile video I thought it would be fun to see some of these patterns made quickly using some of the styles shown in the Video. I made to do just that.

Joke websites

For some laughs with friends I have made some dumb websites.